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Stefano Torrione

Stefano Torrione was born in Aosta in 1962. After graduating in Political Science, he devotes himself to photography.
A professional photographer since1992, he contributed to the prestigious magazine Epoca, which leaded him to the Panorama European Kodak Award in 1994 in Arles, France.
He specialized in geographical and ethnographical reportage and has travelled and worked in many countries around the world for Italian and foreign travel magazines, like Geo and National Geographic Italia.
In parallel with his editorial activity, he has worked in the field of industrial photography for corporate clients such as Banca Popolare di Bergamo, Etipack, Bettoni S.p.A., Italmondo, among others.
He has published several monographs and his work has been exhibited widely in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Italy, including: No-S-Atre, Le radici dell’anima (Tour Fromage, Aosta, 1997; Centro Trevi, Bolzano, 1999), Tien Shan, In Asia centrale sulle orme di Scipione Borghese e Jules Brocherel (Galleria Civica, Bolzano, 2001), Ritratti Kirghisi (Museo Archeologico di Napoli; Museo Ken Damy, Brescia, 2002), Obiettivo Uomo Ambiente (Biennale Internazionale di Fotografia, Viterbo, 2005), Passages à Marrakech (Spazio Mazzotta, Milano, 2007), Combat Final (Centro Saint Bénin, Aosta, 2007), Terra (Forte di Bard, 2008), Fotografare Parma (Palazzo Pigorini, Parma, 2008), Jemaa el Fna l’Intangible (Wawe Gallery, Brescia, 2010), Sarntal (Museo Rohrerhaus, Sarentino, 2010).
From 2010 to 2012 he worked for the European project E.C.H.I on the intangible heritage of the Alpine populations.
He lives between Milan and Saint-Pierre.

Stefano Torrione Works
Stefano Torrione Works
Stefano Torrione Works